Day 357/366 - The Frustration Continues…

… but now it’s not just my arm.

No, now it’s also my head.  I’ve had a non-stop headache since about 12:30 yesterday afternoon, so as of this writing, it’s been going for approximately 33 1/2 hours o_O  Granted, it hasn’t been nearly as bad as it was yesterday - and neither has my arm, actually - but still… annoying.  Especially since I’d intended to indulge in some adult beverages this evening.  lol  Since its better today (but still there), hopefully it’ll clear up by tomorrow?


Day 353/366 - Frustrated

Yesterday and the first half of today, I naively thought my arm was getting better.  Yesterday, the majority of the pain was in my shoulder, rather than my entire arm, and it felt more like a knot, like I’d slept on it funny or something, rather than the more intense pain I’ve been experiencing the past two weeks.  This made what pain I did have quite manageable.  Then for the first half of today, the pain was no longer in my shoulder, and was instead spread out along my arm again, but it wasn’t too bad.

But for the last few hours, the “ARGH I CAN’T FOCUS” level of pain has been back.  Granted, it’s faded in and out, but it’s pretty bad right now, and it’s frustrating as all hell.  This has been going on for two weeks now.  Go away already.

(And for the record, I’d intended to call the doctor by the two-week mark, but basically this is the time of year that it’s impossible to get into see him, so… I’m just gonna have to suck it up until the holidays are over, I guess…)

Day 346/366 - ~Dramaz~ and Pain, Pain and ~Dramaz~



The arm is still being a bitch.  I’m starting to think the only reason it felt like it as getting better over the weekend was because I spent a lot of time watching TV/YouTube, rather than clicking around the Internet.

Guess I’m gonna have to do some more of that :-/


Most of today got swallowed up by following the Ray William Johnson/Maker Studios drama.

When it all started a few months ago I reserved judgement, as I like them both and didn’t want to end up hating one because of the other.

Then today’s drama happened, and… I don’t even know what to think anymore.  About either party.  They’re both acting like spoiled children who need to be sent to their rooms for a time out.


The best comment I saw today, on any of the articles or videos about the situation, was the one that said that this has been a sad day for the YouTube community.

Sad indeed.

Day 345/366 - Three Things

1) Had my “interview”, of sorts, with the government today, re: my former employer screwing up and not deducting stuff from my paychecks.  It seemed to go well… we’ll see.

2) I have still not yet heard back from the Job That I Interviewed For Twice… “in about 5 days” was today, so…

3) Waiting until this late to make a post here was a really, really stupid idea - after spending most of the weekend with my arm seemingly healing, it decided to be a bitch again today, and right now it is killing me, and typing is increasingly difficult.  I probably should have done this during one of the lulls in the pain… ugh.

Day 343/366 - It’s Been A Beer & Board Games Kinda Day

Minimizing the use of one’s dominant hand/arm due to pain = watching a LOT of YouTube

Day 341/366 - STAHP



My right arm has been hurting for no apparent reason for the last couple of days.  It’s this weird achy feeling that varies in intensity, and it tends to flare up when I’m sitting down…?  I was able to clean the bathroom with no difficulty the other day, and as soon as I sat back down at my computer, the pain was back.  I’m guessing it’s some sort of pinched nerve or something?  My arm’s not swollen or a funny colour or anything… It’s just frustrating, because I’m right-handed, and the pain alternates from “annoying but tolerable”, to “OMG I can’t even use my mouse”.  It’s not carpal tunnel - I’ve looked up the description of carpal tunnel pain multiple times over the years, and this doesn’t fit.  The pain keeps moving around my arm, too - right now the underside of my elbow hurts, and the pain is radiating to the rest of my arm (typing this is getting progressively harder).  Earlier today, it was all in the top of my forearm.

This is REALLY annoying.  Also exhausting.  Ugh.

Day 333/366 - BLARGH


Went to the doctor today.

It was supposed to be a quick, “Hi, I need these two prescriptions renewed/updated, kthxbye” visit.

But then he decided that it’s been too long since I last had my bloodwork done, so he made me go down to the lab to get that done.

And of course, I always forget that when my doctor says “bloodwork”, he actually means “bloodwork and urinalysis”, so before I went down to the lab, I went to the bathroom.

And then spent 15 minutes in the lab’s bathroom trying to make urine magically appear.

Oh, but it gets better.

Before my appointment ended (so pre-lab), my doctor also decided that I need to go for a colonoscopy.

See, I don’t think I ever mentioned this here, but remember my mother’s burst appendix back in the summer?  Yeah, it burst because there was a huge-ass tumor in her colon that was pressing on the appendix.  She was subsequently diagnosed with some form of colon cancer.  The good news was, they believe they removed all of the cancer during her surgery, so while she did have to do chemo, it was the “just in case” type.  Regardless, she did/does have colon cancer, which has made my doctor decide that I’d better be screened just in case.

It makes sense, but… a colonoscopy’s right up there with mammograms on the “holy fuck I am terrified of this procedure” scale x_x

And in the middle of writing this post I paused to read the Wikipedia page on colonoscopies and now I am terrified and want to vomit.


Day 158/366 - Well, That Was Easier Than Expected…

The doctor’s appointment today went much smoother than anticipated.  I got my meds adjusted no problem, although I don’t start the new prescription until next Wednesday, after I finish my current prescription.  I’m debating whether it’s even worth it to finish off the old script, though - it’s not like it’s working for me anymore :-P  I mean, yeah, I’ve already paid for them, but if they’re not working, why take them?  I dunno.

On top of that, I got free birth control!  LMAO  I mentioned that I only have one repeat left on my current prescription, and he was like, “Oh wait, I think I have some…”  And he gave me two sample packs.  Sweeeeeet.  That’ll come in handy with all that sex I’m having………. oh, wait :-P

Day 157/366 - Here Goes Nothing

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  Hoping to get my anti-depressant/anxiety prescription adjusted/changed without much issue.  Hoping he doesn’t make me go to a psychiatrist/psychologist first… A) Because I’ve only got enough of my current meds to last me until next Tuesday, and I would hate to have to pay for a repeat of my current script (which clearly is no longer working) while I wait to get in to see someone, and B) Because all the brain doctors I’ve been to thus far have sucked.  Even the one that started me on meds was only good for that - he absolutely refused to give me any type of talk therapy.  He insisted I didn’t need it, even though I wanted it.  And then my GP (who I’m seeing tomorrow) sent me to someone else, he he was absolutely batshit crazy… argh.  Just give me the drugs already!  lol  We’ll see what happens…